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Weekly Drawing Challenge

jamaal barber

Last year was a good year for JBarberStudio. I created a lot of new artwork by challenging myself with materials and sizes. I switched my process up a little and it took me into some exciting new directions. This year I want to continue to challege myself to improve. 

Lately I've been inspired by the painting a day movement all over the internet.  Especially by Cbai Bayoc doing his "365 Days with Dad". That is a phenominal undertaking and he is really producing some great pieces. Being the realist that I am, I know there is no way I could make a beautiful, completed painting every single day like he does. For a lot of reasons, it just wouldn't be a reasonable goal. So I have challeged myself to completing a finished piece every week.  This will be a drawing or painting or some mixture of both. The only restriction is that it must be done in one week. Start to finish. 

This is going to be an exciting challenge. Sometimes I look back through my sketchbooks and I'm always amazed at all the different thing that I've drawn and been inspired by. This will be the same thing. A weekly chronicle of all the things I come up with. I may end up with a series of paintings or I may end up with a bunch of random pieces. Who knows. That is the fun part of doing this challenge and being an artist in general. Creating with no limits. 

Stay tuned to JBarberStudio. Follow me on this new creative journey.