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Lawd Ha'Mercy

jamaal barber

I'm proud to release my first limited edition digital art print as part of my Nostalgia series. I usually make digital collages at the start of all my serigraph images. Somewhere along the way I started to like the look of this particular image and I had a problem trying to separate the colors. The big problem was that I liked the colors as they were! Nothing could match it. Instead of forcing out a lesser image I decided to experiment and let it be. I pushed things a little further as a digital collage and here it is.  

"Lawd Ha'Mercy", digital 

"Lawd Ha'Mercy", digital 

"Lawd Ha'Mercy" is about how we all have our own sins/issues to deal with in life. This work shows an old man literally carrying his problems around with him on the way to church.  His problem is in a flask but the flask could be any sin bottled up. The burden of it can be great and he can't seem to shake it off or do better and be better. The only thing you can do is keep trying and ask the "Lawd" to have mercy on you. I tried to illustrate a human struggle to cope with things that feel bigger than we can handle. I've seen people overcome a lot of things with time and prayer. This represents that for me. 

I enjoyed this and hope that its the first of many limited edition digital prints that I can create. It is another way for me to tell my stories in my Nostalgia series. If you like it let me know. Share it and tag me on FB or twitter or instagram @jbarberstudio. Tell your story of when you needed mercy and how you got over. Prints are available in the store.